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Primary Passages - Book 1

Primary Passages Book 1

Primary Passages Book 1 is a book of simplified arrangements of favorite LDS Primary songs and hymns for beginning pianists. The youngest and newest pianists can play these arrangements. Students with as little as 3 or 4 months of piano lessons can be successful.

To make these arrangements even more approachable, we have included keyboards in the upper corner to help with hand positioning. Multiple keys have been used so that these songs and hymns can also be sung. We hope that children will be able to play songs they know and love and it will make their study of piano even more interesting and fun!

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Contents: Book 1

  • Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam

  • A thank You Song

  • Book of Mormon Stories

  • Jesus Said Love Every One

  • Little Lambs So White and Fair

  • Give Said the Little Stream

  • Come Follow Me

  • When We're Helping

  • Beautiful Savior

  • The Chapel Doors

  • Quickly I'll Obey

  • Love One Another

  • Do As I'm Doing (Duet)

  • Rain Is Faling All Around

  • Jesus Is Our Loving Friend

  • Do What is Right

  • JOY

  • The Golden Plates

  • Once There Was a Snowman

  • I Am A Child of God

  • Mother Dear

  • There is Beauty All Around

  • Obey God's Word

  • Two Smiles

  • Little Pioneer Children (Duet)