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Our Philosophy

Primary Passages - LDS Songs and Hymns for pianists

Our motivation in arranging these Primary songs and hymns for LDS children was to bring them to the reach of every child who has the stirrings of being a musician. We wanted to provide piano arrangements of the songs young pianists know and loved from Primary. Playing these songs will be pleasurable and an invaluable tool in continuing to teach Gospel principles.

We arranged the songs in different levels so that beginning primer students through intermediate students would be able to share in the joy of playing these songs. The hymns of the Gospel are amazing and serve many purposes in our lives. The more we can incorporate these melodies and messages into our lives, the more we will be blessed!

We dedicated these music books to children everywhere who are developing their musical abilities. We applaud you for the time you spend practicing and increasing your talent! It is our great desire that you will always include Gospel songs in your practice and in your life!

The People of 'Primary Passages'

Vicky Hammond

Vicky Hammond

Vicky was born in Blackfoot Idaho. As she grew older, she wanted something more than anything else: a piano. Hard-working parents granted that wish and the rest is history. Vicky has a bachelor's degree in Piano Performance and a master's degree in Piano Pedagogy. She loves sharing her joy in music with children - both young and old - and has taught for many, many years. Primary Passages music books for children were created from that great big love of children and music! Vicky also serves as a consultant for the International Piano Teaching Foundation. She and her husband, Steve, have been blessed with 7 children and lots of wonderful, cute, amazing grandchildren. She currently resides in North Texas.

Judy Dalby

Born in Washington, Judy Dalby started piano lessons in fourth grade and loved practicing on a hundred-year-old upright Steinway. Her parents encouraged additional participation in vocal music through junior high and high school, which led to accompanying opportunities. A bachelor's degree in Applied Music with Piano Pedagogy emphasis and training with the International Piano Teaching Foundation prepared her to begin teaching. The years since college have been filled with family, piano studio teaching, church music, and work in public schools and employment/rehabilitation services.

She currently enjoys teaching music to children in her studio as a thoroughly exhilarating and amazing process. Primary Passages has helped to provide a way for these children to play the music they love to sing. Judy currently accompanies a choir directed by her talented husband, Jan. Four children and grandchildren share their love of music.